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On the Wey Narrowboat Hire

Terms of use

Conditions of hire

A boat is not booked until a confirmation of booking either by email or post has been received by the hirer and non-refundable deposit of 20% and proof of identification (ie passport, utility bill) has been received by us.  All crew names should be shown on the booking form.

Changes of crew are not permitted during the hire period except by prior agreement with us.

The Hirer is responsible for the whole of the Hire Fee, the balance of which is due six weeks before the hire date.  The owners have a policy of continual improvement and reserve the right to alter craft and/or equipment without giving prior notice.

Hirings commence at 2 pm on Saturdays unless otherwise agreed.

The boat must be returned to the owner’s moorings and vacated no later than 10 am on the day of return.

Hirer's responsibility

The Hirer will be shown over the boat and its equipment and given full instructions on handling the boat.   After this the Hirer becomes responsible for the boat and its equipment.  We use all reasonable care to ensure that the boat is in good condition when handed over, but no responsibility is accepted for loss of time, non-fulfilment of programmes or expense through defect, breakdown or accident to the boat, equipment or machinery.

Particular care should be given to the correct operation of locks (refer to information we provide) as the Hirer is responsible for any claims made by British Waterways or the National Trust for loss of water or damage to property.

In the event of curtailment of the holiday through accident or illness of the Hirer, we will help with transport and take over responsibility of returning the boat to base.

We cannot accept responsibility for delays or limits to cruising due to British Waterways or the National Trust directives.  No return of Hire Fees can be made in these circumstances.

Owners rights

We reserve the right to refuse to hand over a boat to any Hirer we consider not suitable to take charge.  In such a case the Hire Fee will be returned in full and all liability of the Hirer and ourselves shall cease.

In addition we reserve the right to terminate the hire of a boat at any time if the conduct of the Hirer endangers or gives offence to other waterway users.  In these circumstances we will take over the responsibility of returning our boat to base.

Our boats hold British Waterways Boat Safety Certificates and are covered by current Licences and Insurance.

Availability of craft

If due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control we are unable to provide the Hirer with the boat booked or a suitable alternative, we will refund all Hire Charges paid in full, but the Hirer shall have no further claims upon us.


The Hirer shall have no claim on us as a result of any breakdown or failure of the boat, its engine or equipment.  Where such a breakdown is caused by the negligence of the Hirer, we reserve the right to claim upon the Hirer in respect of expenses involved in rectifying the matter.

Restricted cruising

We accept no liability and shall not be bound to make any financial adjustment in the event of cruising waters being restricted through repair work, floods, drought or fuel becoming restricted or rationed or any other cause beyond our control.   If the boat has not left its owner’s mooring the Hirer will receive a full refund of the Hire Charge.

Returnable deposit

An additional sum of £200 per booking is payable with the balance as a damage and accident deposit.  During the week following the end of the Hire period the sum will be returned to the Hirer less any deductions in respect of loss or damage.  Late return of the boat is charged at £20 per hour and excessively dirty condition charged accordingly.


The Hirer undertakes to report, and may be requested to pay for any equipment lost, broken or stolen or damaged.  Unsuitable substitutes will not be accepted.

Hirer's property

We accept no liability for loss or damage to the Hirer’s property whilst on the boat or our premises, however caused.


Bookings will not be accepted from Hirer’s under 21 years of age.  Mixed parties preferred.


The toilet is hired out with an emptied waste tank.  Care should be taken with the correct use (please refer to the manual) as failure to comply with and resulting in necessary repairs will be at the expense of the Hirer.


The boat is hired out with a full tank of diesel included in the hire cost.  This should be ample for one week’s cruising.  It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check the fuel levels and if necessary refuel using FAME-free diesel if possible from an authorised boatyard at the Hirer’s expense.


Regretfully, due to allergies, no pets are allowed on board the boat.


Please do not smoke on board the boat.